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ArtPop is a 501c3 organization that gives communities across the country greater access to art, by supporting the artists that create it. This feat is accomplished by promoting selected artists' works on available media space such as on billboards, across news racks, and in airport terminals, which ArtPop secures through the generous donations of media companies across the country. ArtPop operates in 14 cities since 2014 and have displayed the work of more than 350 artists in their street galleries from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas. 

Liz Stubbs and I are extremely honored to have our co-created imagery featured on ArtPop’s outdoor signage. Liz was one of 30 local Atlanta artists selected by Art Pop Street Gallery’s first Atlanta initiative, spreading ART+ARTISTS on public display.

Thank you to @artpopstreetgallery and @artdouglas and phenomenal digital canvas @theatlantasign including the display partners across the city, who are leading edge in celebrating art in the streets.

“Art by the people and for the people…sharing beauty and connectivity in our community.”


Celebrating Local Artists

Share the love with @artpopstreetgallery in support of local artists so this brilliant art initiative can continue.

Penny Liz downtown Atl.png
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