Re-Membering Our Wildness


A multi-media portrait series co-created by

Penny Treese & Liz Stubbs

In honoring our true energy & expression through all our seasons and chapters as we step from muted whispers to technicolor clarity, we re-integrate into wholeness.


No longer hiding, apologizing, diminishing, repressing.


Knowing. Embodying. Inspiring the limitlessness within us all.


Re-membering our wildness. Our wisdom.


We are a collaborative duo— fine artist Penny Treese and photographer Liz Stubbs—who began exploring our visual experience of living in the questions as we chose to make shifts in our creative lives. As unexpecteds rose in our path, we intentionally let go of old stories, allowing fresh interpretations to rise, meeting each moment and honoring our essence as we dance in the infinite.


We relish you seeing yourself in these touchstone energies. Where might you feel yourself un-becoming? Emerging into being, re-membering the fullness of YOU??


We dedicate our collection to every soul+being in transformation, shedding previous limits, awakening to daring, liberating from smallness, stepping into wholeness, as the wise healer in us all.


Thank you for stepping into our collective inquiry as we each forge our essence on the canvas of eternity.


Penny Treese and Liz Stubbs

-Penny & Liz




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