Return To Knowing


A multi-media portrait series co-created by

Penny Treese & Liz Stubbs

A Prayer of Beginnings


Home—those moments we retreat to on the screens of our memories, the reveries forever held in our hearts, where we felt the pulse of the infinite coursing through our beings. We know it instantly. Home. As we feel more distanced from our early harmony, it is our touchstone we hope to know again in our wanderings.


But home is within. Our source. We are home with every journey we experience as beginning. As our steps carry us into unexpecteds, we discover infinity in each breath and unwavering wisdom. May the unknowns be delights. May the novelty be vitality. And may the rootedness in our connection with the never-ending now be our peace as we ripen our wholeness, rippling our energy from our being, from our beyond.


We are a collaborative duo—encaustic artist Penny Treese and photographer Liz Stubbs—who began exploring our visual experience of living in the questions as we chose to make shifts in our creative lives. As unexpecteds rose in our path, we practiced letting go of old stories, old patterns shed, allowing a simplified approach, honoring our essence, as we step forward from that space of inner magic. We invite you to also feel your RETURN TO KNOWING.


Penny Treese and Liz Stubbs

-Penny & Liz

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