Capturing the raw beauty and fragility of the female form, Penny’s work is a study in self-love, authenticity, and the acceptance of imperfection. “Women can be extremely critical of their outward appearance as we age” she says. “My work reflects that deeply personal struggle and emboldens viewers to transform their relationship with themselves. I distress figurative photographs with water, wine, and natural elements to create unique expressions of our physical declination and ephemerality while unveiling profound truths about how we see ourselves.”


Treese earned her Bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design and began as an advertising Art Director. She returned to creating fine art and studied under masters in a Fine Arts Workshop Atelier program. She is an esteemed full-time artist with award-winning works in numerous galleries and private collections. She leads retreats and instructs internationally, and actively volunteers with non-profits.


She creates artwork and teaches in her private studio in Decatur, Georgia, where she resides with her husband and children.