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Art Collector

Penny Treese's work is lyrical and emotive. It guides you to a place of serenity and balance  while still leaving the story open for interpretation. What I find most compelling about all of her work is its ability to express our ephemeral nature as humans in this world."


Art Collector

I met Penny Treese approximately 10 years ago when I was randomly walking through an artists warehouse in the Westside (Atlanta). She was working on a very large figurative piece, with prints distressed with wine, cut into squares. I knew I had to own it!


I was not familiar with the encaustic method of painting but after exploring I found that it was one of the oldest forms of art. The piece I own is from her series “ No Apologies”.


The scale , scope, detail and her creativity is exceptional. I have never seen another work of art like it and probably never will.


She is truly a master at her craft."

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KHA Architects

Penny is wonderful!

Everything from start to finish was a breeze and a delight."


Art Workshop Student

The travel was soooo worth it!! It was the BEST workshop I've ever been to!! You are so generous and sweet to share your time and self and knowledge!! 


You definitely helped me gain confidence with the blow torch. You and your studio environment inspired me so much!! "

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Celebration Circles Guest

You two are so amazing and inject so much positivity into my life! Even though I only spent one day with you both, your kindness and vulnerability brought out so much in me

Empowering women to unconditionally support other women is a rare find indeed

From the beginning of the day together, you made me feel completely safe sharing my vulnerabilities with you and my dear girlfriends

The love and support that I felt from all of you meant more to me than I can put into words! I felt like I'd known you both forever! You both are so gifted and have truly created something special with your Celebration Circles

Everyday, I look at my portraits and I remember that special feeling of self-love that day, which is something I rarely, if ever, feel toward myself

Boy, am I glad I went forward with the Celebration Circle! You cannot put a price on what I gained that day"

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