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Seaside Dreams - EWomen

 “Seaside Dreams” is a collection of six paintings available for purchase via my website or within Westside Market Toco Hills.


One-of-a-kind works are created with pigmented encaustic wax, amber shellac and include sand from my visits to the beach.


floater frame in soft gold + whitewash wood.

$298 through December 21

(normally $488)

All works are original and framed, as unique interpretations of this featured seascape.

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Click BUY NOW to purchase an original, encaustic (wax) fine art painting.

 Shipping in US through 12/21/22

The painting below is an example of one of six framed pieces in the collection.

Call or text Penny at 404-213-4233 to receive a digital photo of your piece.

Seaside Dreams in frame.jpg
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