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Ephemeral Figure Series

Working with many photographic prints at a time, I allow rainwater to fall gently onto each one, drop by drop. As the water spreads across the porous paper, it “paints” ethereal bursts and watercolor-like waves across the translucent figure.

Some of the photographs are immersed in rain as it falls from the sky or I bath them in fresh puddles until the ink surges, blending skin-tone pigments with vibrant indigo background hues. I preserve the image, at the ephemeral moment, as each rain-morphed print reaches its aesthetic peak before fading in the sun or water droplets have re-drawn the image —moments before the gossamer image disappears or disintegrates.

Each image is unique and original, and each is a fleeting figure caught in the tension between beauty and brevity, expressed in layered moments of color, water, and time.

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