The Collaborative Alchemy of Artist

Penny Treese & Photographer Liz Stubbs

We are a collaborative duo— photographer Liz Stubbs and encaustic artist Penny Treese—who began exploring

our visual experience of living in the questions as we chose to transform our creative lives.  As unexpecteds rise in our path, we question how we might see from our soul.  We gift our process with releasing old stories, shedding stale patterns, honoring an organic flow expressing from  a shared essence, as we create from an energy of a timeless time.

Both their award-winning works are curated in internationally juried exhibitions, galleries and private collections.

Capturing the ephemerality of the female form, Penny’s encaustic work studies self-love, authenticity, and acceptance of imperfection. “My work reflects that deeply personal struggle and transforms our relationship with our soul. I use water, wine, and organic elements to energize our rawness and radiance.”

Treese earned her Bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design and began as an advertising Art Director. She returned to creating fine art and studied under masters in a Fine Arts Workshop Atelier program. She is an esteemed full-time artist with award-winning works in numerous galleries and private collections. She leads retreats and instructs internationally, and actively volunteers with non-profits.

As a photographer and portrait artist, Liz visually celebrates inner light, opening us to honor—in our fragments & wholeness—our radiance. “My joy is to celebrate the art of us, what lights us up. 

When we see ourselves through that lens, we bloom, transforming

how we show up in life.”

She brings to her photography decades of experience as a writer, publishing several books, and as a Creative Director and Director/Producer, working with celebs & amazing people with

awe-inspiring stories from all walks of life.

She is grateful for her studies with master photographers she

admires: David Alan Harvey, Sam Abell, Jay Maisel and Peter Turnley. 

Penny-Treese-signature-w-name.jpg       Tel: 404-213-4233

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