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MOSS Lifestyle


What is MOSS Lifestyle?

MOSS means: Mindful of Sustainable Surroundings

My dear friend, Johanne Morin, is a Wellness Design Consultant certified in LEED AP, WELL AP and Scientific Feng Shui principals for design and architecture. She founded MOSS Lifestyle, your ultimate resource for well-being and harmony at home or wherever you travel the world.

Johanne invited me to include my nature- inspired art pieces as she shares her passion with anyone who is seeking a healthier environment and lifestyle.


Johanne curated a space for news, trends and ideas to help us “Be more enlightened, Be sensible, and Be green” through unearthing the rewards of wellness design, green architecture, and sustainable travel.

Her story behind creating this platform in honor of her best friend who lost her battle with cancer is incredibly inspiring and I invite you to read more about her passionate mission and visit

Why is my art relevant?

Being an artist is all I have ever known. I never outgrew the calling from outdoors to create with leaves, mud and flowers. For me, nature is art. So, discovering the ancient Egyptian method of encaustic painting was like bringing nature to life and then setting if free to eternally beautify indoor spaces. Encaustic paintings are created by combining the colors of the universe with natural beeswax and then infusing fire to bring them to life. 


Warm, melted beeswax dripping from my fingers lets me feel oneness with nature. While wielding a blow torch to seal each layer with fire, I revel in the power and at the same time, I melt away. I lean into this cyclic flow until the creation reaches a state of alchemy.


From a transcended state I release nature’s energy and often integrate earth’s treasures. The beeswax secures each element like a fossil in amber and preserves it like a timeless hymn – a visual melody embedded into translucent, luscious wax.


My ultimate dream is that my art gives each viewer an unchartered sense of freedom and a renewed calling to harmonize with nature.    ~  Penny Treese

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