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We crave certainty. Security. Simpler times, etched in our memories as golden, carefree. Ripe with promise. Joy infused our immediacy. Tomorrow’s demands were as yet unformed.


And yet, tomorrows met us in succession until somehow we were lifetimes removed from those crystal clear moments in which we knew the infinite within.


We look again for knowing. For the known of our familiar. But does familiarity engender comfort? Or is it the siren song of sameness?

Our questions awaken a vitality that once electrified us. Before we muted our daring, before we modulated our dreams to fit in to norms and means and metrics that never measured soul.

Freedom, cried the whisper, is in questioning. Our integrity strengthens with exploring, wondering, un-knowing the truths that are not ours.


As we dance into uncertainties, we discover infinity in each breath, unwavering wisdom. May our unknowns be delights. May novelty be vitality. And may our rootedness in connection with the never-ending-now be our peace as we ripen our wholeness, rippling our energy from our being, to our beyond.

We invite you to remember your infinite within as you experience UNKNOWING.


Penny Treese and Liz Stubbs

-Penny & Liz

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