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"Ephemeral Figure-Sitting in Silence"

Photographic print, distressed with rainwater,

encaustic medium on birch panel

Live & Online Event
Oct 11-23
Online Bidding
Oct 11 - Oct 23

VIdeo documentary surrounding series, "Ephemeral Figures" addressing beauty and the ephemeral

Available for purchase on October 23, 7:00PM sharp


Penny Treese & Liz Stubbs Co-created Art Piece $100 Buy-It-Now-Artwork Auction:

available October 23, 7pm

“Was, Is, Becoming”

Multiple exposure photographic print, distressed with rainwater, encaustic wax, resin, inks, on birch panel. 8x10"

"We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell’s quote animates this multiple exposure image. The figure’s gestures evoke the dynamism of yin-yang energies, further reflected in her 50-50 encaustic treatment paired with alcohol ink-laced resin.

As a heart-led photographer and portrait artist, Liz visually celebrates inner light, opening us to honor—in our fragments & wholeness—our radiance. “My joy is to celebrate the art of us, what lights us up. When we see ourselves through that lens, we bloom, transforming how we show up in life. Liz brings a classic and expressive focus to her work, having studied intensively with Magnum and master photographers.  Learn more about Liz @LizStubbs and www.lizstubbsphotography.com

Penny and Liz create transcendent art works in addition to facilitating “Celebration” sessions together.

They recently exhibited co-created artwork in the 2021 Venice Biennial and will be showing in 2022 Barcelona Biennial.


"No Apologies ~ Rising"

Photographic print, poured encaustic medium

on birch panel, in floater frame.  8x10"

Ephemeral XXI 8x10 to print.jpg

"Ephemeral Figure~Ascending"

Photographic print, distressed with rainwater, preserved with encaustic medium

on birch panel. 8x10"

$100 Buy-It-Now Artwork
Available online Saturday, October 23, 7pm
link avail that evening only