Supply List

Welcome to my online encaustic workshop!

Here are the most basic supplies to get started creating encaustic paintings. I will be demonstrating with these items.


Evans Encaustics Paint Sticks™:

The most heavily pigmented encaustic paint and Encaustic Medium which is natural beeswax and hardener in the perfect combo.

Hylla Evans will send you something extra with your purchase if you mention that you've purchased one of my lessons.


Chip brushes:
These can also be found at hardware stores, Walmart, dollar stores, and art stores. You’ll need quite a few and I like to buy assorted sizes. You can clean them and reuse but its nice to have clean ones as well. DO NOT USE synthetic as they melt.

These are available at Target, Walmart, some department stores. Must have a temperature gauge:


I use natural, white, unbleached beeswax from Bulk Apothecary WITHOUT resin.
Wax is available in various quantities – 1, 4, 8, 55lb – I’d recommend with 8lbs. (If they run out, call me and I’ll ship some to you as part of the class fee)

These are nice panels available in a variety of sizes, depths and prices. Use UNTREATED wood. You can also go to HomeDepot or Lowes and ask to have ¼ birch hardboard cut down to any size. I like to practice with 12x12” or 8x10” for photo-encaustic or abstract pieces. Sometimes available at Michaels. You can use scrapes of wood is they are not treated.

Aluminum containers:
I like these cups and mini bread tins. You can also use non-stick muffin or bread tins from your kitchen.

Blow Torch or heatgun:

Standard Propane Fuel Cylinder. These are less expensive at local hardware stores.

Scraping tool:
This is my favorite brand of pottery scrapping tools. You can buy any that appeal to you. If you anticipate detailed carving work, buy more intricate tools in addition to this one.

This one creates tiny, uniform marks. It’s available at some art or craft stores:

Glue for photo-prints. Only available at select art stores and online:

Turpenoid or mineral spirits for oil color washes: Oil paint is mixed with mineral spirits to create a translucent wash to accent carved areas or tint photographic pieces. (Turpenoid is simply orderless mineral spirits)

Oil Paints:
Any oil paints, even old, will work to create pigmented wax. I DO NOT prefer water mixable oils.
R&F, or Evans Encaustic encaustic pigment blocks are great for specific colors.

Any student grade oil paint will do as a beginner.


Optional supplies:
Paper towels, mask, gloves, painters tape for protecting sides and masking areas. Oil sticks, oil pastels, watercolor paper as a surface, steamless iron as fusing device.

All artists have their favorite tools and supplies and these are simply the ones I like to use in my personal practice. Experiment with whatever makes you happy and creates the look you desire while using the safest possible methods.


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