Transforming How We See Ourselves

Celebration Portraits are testaments to our essences, to the fire and stillness that radiates within us all. Through custom-designed energy photographs with Liz, which Penny alchemizes into collectible legacy fine art pieces through powerfully intuitive processes, we see ourselves as a celebration of energies, powers and radiance. Not as limits/faults we may habitually notice in our mirrors.

Shifting how we see ourselves, transforms how we show up in life.

Harmonizing Energy + Art

Liz Stubbs and Penny Treese, Atlanta photographer and fine artist, are an award-winning, internationally exhibited team, who also bring a unique mastery of energy and visual freshness to their work. Complementing their art, Liz’s directorial + Seeing Freshly background, as well as Penny’s certifications in Reiki Master and Tai Chi Body+Brain training, imbues their process & art with soulful depth and transcendent intuitive fire.

Celebration Portraits are a duet of art + personal transformation, and creating these legacy treasures for you is our purpose and passion.

Women on the Remake Podcast

Episode #19

In this episode, Leigh & Kristin of the "Women on the Remake" podcast are joined by Liz Stubbs, photographer and Penny Treese, fine artist, to discuss their recent collaboration "Celebration Portraits".  This unique process is designed to create a visual representation of a subject's spirit and soul through the intuitive melding of photography & fine art

Gift Yourself YOU!

Celebration Portraits are a multi-week process.

We begin with a series of discovery questions to design your portrait experience. Our photographic sessions start at 2 hours and your finished fine art pieces, depending on size and number, are ready several weeks after your photo shoot.

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